Syracuse University - Sit With Me Campaign Kickoff


Chancellor Nancy Cantor
Syracuse, New York

Twitter: @iSchoolSU

Our Story...

Syracuse University's Chancellor Nancy Cantor took a seat in the Red Chair to kick off the University-wide Sit With Me campaign, led by the Syracuse iSchool. In sharing her personal story, the Chancellor reminds us that "stereotype threat operates in very latent and implicit ways, but the fact of the matter is, it's always there... Those moments can either be empowering or they can stop you dead in your tracks, and we can't afford to have people stop dead in their tracks." Syracuse University is proud to be a point of entry for young women into STEM fields. From its founding in 1870, Syracuse University has been the embodiment of Scholarship in Action—education that transcends traditional boundaries through a combination of innovative thinking, daring choices, and entrepreneurial attitude.

The Latest...

The iSchool helped celebrate International Women's Day in 2013.
Check out what is coming in the future:

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