Wednesday, November 3rd, 2017

Authors: Claire Poza & Julie Lyons, NextEra Energy

Our people are our greatest asset, and we’re passionate about supporting their development and empowering their success. We believe in fostering a culture that builds an inclusive business workplace by valuing and leveraging the diverse talents, perspectives and ideas of all employees, and promotes continual learning, professional development and improvement. The Sit With Me campaign aligns perfectly with this.

A random red chair certainly attracts attention, which is why we placed ours at various high-traffic areas around campus leading up to our events. On the chair, we displayed a link to an internal site created to provide more information about the campaign, as well as links to the NCWIT and main sites. The promotion worked, with 30 to 40 participants at each of our participating offices sharing their career stories and learning more about the talented women in our organization. Conversation included insightful deliberation about social and cultural reasons why elementary-age girls shy away from technology-focused subjects such as science, math and computer programming. Our chief information officer spoke passionately about how inclusion and promotion of females in IT can lead to different and, oftentimes better, approaches in coding and problem solving. Attendees walked away having met and shared valuable insights, tips and tricks to advance careers in IT for everyone.

In addition to hosting events such as these, we will continue to support women in IT by volunteering in our communities to teach computer science curriculum, participating in roundtable discussions and providing resources for Women in Technology.